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Give a name to a fish




…only when the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been eaten the people realized that the money is inedible…

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Безымянный.pngAutonomous Non-Commercial Organisation Cultural and Educational Centre

Man. Architecture. Monuments. Archeology. Natural History. Revival. Festival.

ANO CEC Ч.а.п.а.е.в.фест



the start of a charitable action to revive the population of sterlet and other species of fish in the Saratov and Volgograd man-made seas.

Saratov, Balakovo, Kamyshin, Syzran, Samara, Volzhsky, Volsk, Marx, Engels, Khvalynsk and other places are located on the banks of these seas. Among others, the action is aimed at the development of the tourist resources in the Saratov Region.

What shall we leave behind for our children and grandchildren?

Polluted rivers and killed nature? 


We do not agree!

Let’s leave clear rivers, lakes and beautiful fish that have been living there since the dinosaur times and are included as ornament on our regional Emblem.


Since long ago the sterlets has decorated the Emblem of the Saratov Region.

The Emblem of Saratov, approved back on August, 23, 1781, was taken as the basis for the current Emblem of the Saratov Region approved in March 2001 by the Law of the Saratov Region and registered under No.850 in the State Heraldic Register of the Russian Federation on January, 31, 2002.


The Emblem of the Saratov Region is a pentagonal French azure escutcheon with three forked silver sterlets headed to the centre, the bottom sterlet is on the right side. The historical land crown of gold colour is located above the escutcheon; it has azure bottom and five teeth of a Christian church cupola shape embodying the checkered past of Saratov since it was founded as the frontier settlement-fortress back in 1590 under the Tsar Fyodor Joannovich.

The Emblem is surrounded by the golden decorative wreath of interlacing oak and laurel branches and wheat ears interweaved with golden band. The azure colour of the escutcheon means the large lengths of the river Volga and the beauty of the minor rivers flowing through the lands of the Saratov Region. The sterlet symbolizes the plenty of fish and clear waters of the Volga and minor rivers in the region. The oak branches in the decorative wreath mean the power, courage and endurance of the Saratov people during troubled years. The laurel is the embodiment of a victory over the enemies and the glory of the Russian arms. The wheat ears symbolize the natural and floral resources, the abundance, the hospitality and the diligence of the people. The golden bands mean the wealth, might and constancy.

A sterlet is the most valuable fish in the region. It is a freshwater species of sturgeon fish with high gastronomic qualities; during the Middle Ages it was considered to be the Tsar fish and was served to Tsar table from the rivers Oka and Volga. The Middle Volga, the Low Kama remains the only range for this species in the European part of Russia; its number remains rather high there, but the fishery is limited. In 1986-1987 in Volzhsky stretch of river the food of sterlet consisted of 49 components, mostly chironomids and mollusks. As indicated by K.M.Ber (1860), there was plenty of sterlet in the Middle Volga. As statistics data given by L.S.Berg show (1906), at the beginning of ХХ century around 709 centners of sterlet were provided in the Volga district from Vetluga till Kama entry, and 408 centners were provided from Kama until the river Belaya entry. Yet, at the beginning of 30-ties last century in the Tartar Republic some 605 centners of sterlet were caught. Until 1964, the sterlet fishery was prohibited in the Kuibyshev man-made sea but later it was caught as incidental catch. According to the statistics, in 1989 the largest amount of sterlet was caught in the Kuibyshev man-made sea over that period - 405 centners, but that indicator went down later as well. It means that in order to save that unique species both general improvement and artificial reproduction of the environment conditions are needed

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    • The major factors of number reduction are pollution of rivers with industrial, agricultural and residential waste waters (sterlet is highly sensitive to water pollution and oxygen content in it) and poaching.
    • The Concept of agricultural development of the Saratov Region until 2020, developed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Saratov Region foresees the development of grazing aqua culture based on the recovery of the number of such valuable fish like sterlet, cat-fish, sazan in the Volgograd man-made sea as well as immigration of highly productive fish (white and spotted silver carps, white and black amurs, etc.).
    • To revive the sterlet number and resources in the Volgograd man-made sea some 1,5-2 mln of fish seeding shall be annually added to it, which allows to increase the sterlet catch in 6-8 years.
      How will it be implemented?

      • Together with the State Institute GOSNIORH, Saratov Branch http://www.niorh.ru/content/regionlabs/saratov, a project is being elaborated on establishing the production facilities for hatching and growing the sterlets in the Khvalynsk district of the Saratov Region. The area for locating this production facility equal to 7 000m2 is acknowledged by the experts as suitable for establishing the hatching centre.
      • The production facilities will be equipped with the video systems so that every interested person visiting our web-site www.chapayfest.ru could see in real-time mode 24 hours a day how the works on establishing the production facilities are carried out as well as later get the information of what actually is going on there. Full public control.
      • The tender is announced for manufacturing the necessary equipment.
      • The equipment purchased is paid.
      • The specialists recruitment is organized who will carry out all necessary works on efficient management of the production facility. Workplaces for ichthyologists. Institute division.
      • The brood stock is purchased.
      • The reproduction is launched.
      • The baby fishes are let out to the Saratov and Volgograd man-made seas.
      • Involvement of an insurance company to insure the project against a number of risks. It should be especially noted that the involvement of the insurance companies insuring against the risks will produce a favourable effect on the regional ecology as a whole and act as a tool to affect those people and facilities, which pollute the river. Thus, we’ll save our nature, since insurance is a highly efficient tool.
      • Every citizen supporting the implementation of this charitable project with his donations will get a code, which should be entered on the web-site and at the request may print out a certificate stating that a fish/fishes is/are swimming in the river Volga named ….. that has/have been let out by that person.
      • The lists of the individuals who made donations to support that charitable project will be placed on the official web-site specifying the amount.
      • This action will be carried out under the control of Balakovo Public Chamber.

      How to take part?

      In case of questions, please, contact us at tel.: +7 906 760 15 59 or e-mail to chapayfest@chapayfest.ru

      Send an SMS at 4446, enter the word RYBKA/РЫБКА  (an SMS costs 30 Rub with VAT)

      You may transfer money to our bank account

      Autonomous Non-Commercial Organisation Cultural and Educational Centre

      “Man. Architecture. Monuments. Archeology. Natural History. Revival. Festival”

      Автономная некоммерческая организация Культурно-просветительский центр

      «Человек. Архитектура. Памятники. Археология. Возрождение. Фестиваль»

      BANK: Saratov Branch of OJSC Joint-Stock Commercial Bank «ROSBANK»
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      ОГРН 1106400000740 ИНН 6439073623
      КПП 643901001

      Yandex money - 41001982176618 (money transfer is executed from any terminal or communication centre of the Russian Federation)

      Web Money EUR:

      E102768379482RUB - R164406670472USD - Z277442997578

      QIWIPurse - (968)8710763

      EUR - Beneficiary’s bank Alfa-Bank, Moscov, Russia S.W.I.F.T. ALFARUMM

      Mr. Manzhosov Aleksey Gennadievich Account number 40817978004400006128

      Correspondent bank of beneficiaru’s bank Commerzbank AG , Frankfurt am Main

      S.W.I.F.T. COBADEFF Acc. With corresp/Bank № 400886894501 EUR

      $ - Beneficiary’s bank Alfa-Bank, Moscov, Russia S.W.I.F.T. ALFARUMM

      Mr. Manzhosov Aleksey Gennadievich Account number 40817840504400006374

      Correspondent bank of beneficiaru’s bank WELLS FARGO BANK N.A.

      S.W.I.F.T. PNBPUS3NNYC Acc. With corresp/Bank № 2000193651652

      Upon money transfer, please, send a copy of the payment order or receipt to

      ANO Ч.а.п.а.е.в. фест

      126, Kommunisticheskaya St., Balakovo, Saratov Reg., Russian Federation, 413840,

      Or e-mail a scanned copy to ofis@chapayfest.ru

      Don’t hesitate! Specify your name and surname.


       According to the procedures of the Russian Federation Government, the organizations dealing with the reproduction of water bio-resources have the right to participate in the State tenders for sending the baby fishes out into the water pools and to get remunerations specified by the State.

      Furthermore, our non-commercial organization will get a license for catching the bio-resources from the water pools where the baby fishes are sent out into. (In compliance with the current industry regulations).

      Taking part in the support action for the project you will leave out to your successors or use by yourself a highly profitable asset – a license for catching sterlet from Saratov or Volgograd man-made seas after some specified time period.

      The scope of a license will be defined depending on the amount of baby fishes sent out into the water pools. The price for sending out 100% matches the actual state price as of today and is equal to 11 Rub per one baby fish. A license may be sold to the businessmen having a concern in sterlet catching and realization. The scope of an ANO license will be defined depending on the recommendations issued by the Nizhnevolzhskrybvod Institute considering the overall amount of the baby fishes sent out into the water pools and then distributed among those who supported the project with money.